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david explaining how fba works with his ecomhub coaches
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David Zaleski has been operating in the e-commerce space for almost a decade.

He got started as many others have - on eBay. In a short period of time, he was generating thousands a month in profit - and eager to move on to the next big thing.

david explaining how fba works with his ecomhub coaches

He discovered the “science” of e-commerce - what works, and what doesn’t.

As he learned all he could about this new online frontier for entrepreneurs, he began looking into how he could capitalize on the next big name in e-commerce: Amazon.

After many successes and failures, David decided to start his own Amazon business with only $4,800 in startup capital and grew it to over $9 million in sales over the span of just six years.

Who is David Zaleski?

David Zaleski is an entrepreneur, Amazon seller, and the founder of EcomHub. He's been operating in the e-commerce space since the age of 14 years old. At the age of 18, he started his own Amazon business with just $4,800 in start-up capital and grew it to over $9 million in sales over the span of just six years.

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David's Impact to Date

He now actively runs and operates a 7-figure e-commerce business while helping others start their own. David has helped hundreds of sellers get started or take their stores to the next level. His podcast and YouTube Channel have helped thousands more with practical, professional, and experienced advice. He's consulted with 9-figure e-commerce aggregators and has been featured on Amazon Advertising, Viral Launch, and Future Founders.

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"EcomHub is run by true pros and David and the team are always staying on the cutting edge of what's working on Amazon. I'm constantly impressed by what I've seen..."

Troy Johnston
CEO | Seller.Tools

"Outstanding expertise! The go-to source for anyone building on Amazon!"

Katie Sowa
COO | Future Founders

"EcomHub truly understands how to set up and scale a successful Amazon based business from inception to execution."

Richard Stanton
CEO | Healthy Human
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If you’re looking for the go-to source for e-commerce training - this is where to stop.

David’s years of experience in the field and the testimony of his students alone is enough to set him apart as the authority in e-commerce.

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